The Broadway offers this exclusive, customized service based on your preferences and our Wine Steward’s expertise. When you join the Club, you will have access to a personal Wine Steward who takes the time to understand your wine preferences and makes a recommendation based on your tastes. The Club lets you find incredible new values, create a custom wine cellar, or simply ensure that you always have your favorite wines on hand.

Here’s how it works:
Sign up for the service by visiting The Broadway and filling out the membership form.

  • Our Wine Steward will work with you to establish and refine your tasting profile.

  • You tell us how much you want to spend (overall total or per bottle), and then we makes selections based on your criteria.

  • Your wine release will be available for pick up beginning the last Sunday of every month when we host a community wine tasting that is free to members. Alternately, we will ship your wine once a month upon request.

Eugene/Springfield Home delivery details:

  • $5 delivery charge for within a 10 mile radius

  • $10 delivery charge outside the 10 mile radius, but within the greater Eugene/Springfield area

  • Standard Fed-Ex shipping cost apply to all members outside the Eugene/Springfield area.

3 bottle minimum for home delivery (no minimum for standard Fed-Ex shipping)